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All staff employed either at a workplace or working away, off site (peripatetic workers) must receive minimal fire awareness training to a suitable and sufficient level for the risk they are exposed to.


The basic fire awareness training we offer is adequate for this purpose in most situations.


Each course is individually tailored to the industry and workplace concerned.


This half day course teaches students (up too 12) basic fire risk assessment and the importance of fire prevention.


  • We also teach about the various methods of fire risk reduction and fire hazard management.


  • We teach about the risks to health and property from fire and smoke.


  • We teach students what to do in the event of fire and fire alarm situations.


  • We teach about the dangers of fighting fires and how smoke and fire spreads.


  • We teach fire behaviour with special regard to the speed of smoke and fire spread with much more.


  • There are video presentations and lots of pictures.


  • We test student’s knowledge with an end of course test which must be passed in to receive a certificate.