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Most offices, with very few exceptions are covered by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO 2005). There is often a misconception that an office is some how ‘safe’ from fire. Whilst the risk from fire is generally lower than certain other premises and types of industry, the risk from fire is still there. The risk to life is generally lower, due to most people not sleeping at work (the office), however fire safety must still be managed suitably to remain safe and legal. That means an adequate fire risk assessment, adequate fire safety training and depending on the size and number of floors in the office – trained fire wardens.


The consequences of a fire in an office, apart from the human and social costs can be devastating to a company, with undoubtedly important documents and files lost. Fire safety significantly lowers the chance of this type of business disruption from happening. A good business continuity plan is also important! Phoenix Fire Consultancy Ltd can help here too.